Monday, April 20, 2009

Something happens that I'm head over heels

I've fallen pretty hard for Wong Kar-Wai's In The Mood For Love. That film is so gorgeous and subtle in its desperation and longing and basically achieves perfection in use of both musical score and pop music and its really gotten under skin in the past couple days. In my sleep deprived state I cranked out a mediocre essay on it for class that I want to polish up a bit and post here eventually. I'll also be posting my top 10 film characters in a week or so, if I make it through this next week intact. For now its back to the pit of despair to soldier on through the long, dark night, aided only with a French coffee press, a half packet of stale cigarettes, and my fraying wits. Pray for me, friends.

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Chick Young said...

I'll pray for you...

I used to show that film in my History of Film class - it always went over big. Many students went out and bought the exquisite and haunting soundtrack within a day or two after watching it!

Looking forward to your top 10 film characters (remember, it's not ALL-TIME top 10, that's next to impossible!).