Wednesday, May 23, 2007

self serving bullshit, a new crush, and this week's playlist

Two more reviews on the Foxy Digitalis site, this time around for James Blackshaw and Woods.

I'm swooning HARD from one track specifically on the new Keren Ann disc. She's that Israeli-born Parisienne who could basically be lumped in with that whole Norah Jones/NPR set but whatever. The new disc is kinda psych-lite, some Mazzy Star thing going on in the first track that's lovely, but it's the song "In Your Back" that really slays me. Lyrically it's basically aching & lovelorn but it sounds gorgeous. It makes me feel like when you get a phone call from a girl you're starry-eyed and super crushed out on and wondering if she's thinking about you, and since that feeling is utterly ephemeral and transforms to either sour grapes or is consummated, thus killing the butterflies and pinning them up in a little glass case, it's nice to find it distilled and encoded onto a little plastic disc so you can slip into it whenever you like. (just in case you think you want to call me a pussy, I should let you know that I'm wearing a Darkthrone t-shirt as I type this)

I've also been slacking on putting up my playlists from my radio show so I'm going to try to archive them here more regularly to indulge my own sick needs

Some Velvet Morning - May 21, 2007 - 89.3 FM streaming live at
  1. James Blackshaw - "Cloud Of Unknowing" - Cloud Of Unknowing
  2. Windy & Carl - "Smeared" - Mind Expansion, Vol. 1
  3. The Delta Waves - "Lovers Leap" - Dream In Real Time
  4. His Name Is Alive - "USA vs Gamelan" - Cloud Pop
  5. Odd Clouds - "track 6" - Cleft Foot of the Woods
  6. The W-Vibe - "Tape Like Cross" - Game Program
  7. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - "Broken Imaginary Time" - Behind The Music
  8. Outrageous Cherry - "The Book of Dead Time" - X-Rays In The Cloudmine
  9. MV & EE with The Bummer Road - Canned Heat Blues - Mother of Thousands
  10. Stone Breath - "Sunshine In The Eyes Of Death" - Lanterna Lucis Viriditatis
  11. The North Sea - "Take It From Me Brother Moses" - Exquisite Idols
  12. Gary Higgins - "Thicker Than A Smokey" - Red Hash
  13. Six Organs Of Admittance - "This Hand" - Dark Noontide
  14. Giant Skyflower Band - "The Archangel (Hurray For The Beast)" - Blood Of The Sunworm
  15. Franklin's Mint - "Carousel Baby" - Gold
  16. Bonnie Prince Billy - "Lay & Love" - The Letting Go
  17. Hush Arbors - "The Werewolf Om" - Hush Arbors
  18. Current 93 - "Then Kill Caesar" - Black Ships Ate The Sky
Marissa Nadler - "Fifty Five Falls" - Ballads of Living & Dying

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