Tuesday, January 31, 2006

not feeling too clever tonight

all right enough bullshit, i'll get to the point
Trad Gras Och Stenar - Got a re-issue of an album called "Djungelns Lag" recorded live in 1971. These guys are a band of Swedish hippies and can get a bit wanky at times, but it's pretty solid even if it is a bit longwinded. The shorter songs are easier to listen to but even the longer songs are worth sticking out til the end because they're still really interesting and well played and trippy.

Wolfmother - "Dimension" EP - Right, I know what you're thinking, ANOTHER fucking band with the word "wolf" in their name. It was about enough to make me not want to play the advance copy I got but I did anyway and was very impressed. They come off sounding something like Deep Purple without the classic rock baggage. Cool keyboard parts and really heavy fuzzed out guitar riffs to feed your head. The EP "Dimension" should be out now at your favorite Local Indie Record Shop. Apparently these guys are great live but I couldn't tell you. However what I've heard on the new EP is definitely worth a listen. Stop by their page on the new crack (myspace) for a listen. Wolfmother

Some Girls - "Heaven's Pregnant Teens" - Holy shit would I ever be into this band if I was about 10 years younger. Even being a jaded old jerk I can still appreciate this. It's like metal with all the fat trimmed and smashed into minute and half long spazzed out thrashing blasts of sonic torture. It's also got really cool, dark lyrics that aren't all stupid and sounding like they were pulled from a sullen high school sophomore's notebook. Go here to hear a couple of the tracks. But as usual the better songs aren't up there and you're better off just getting the whole album and listening to it. On vinyl from ThreeOneG records and on CD from Epitaph.

The Cloud Room - self-titled - So this is a Brooklyn band, but they have an England thing happening. It's tough to pin down, sorta the midway point between the early 90s musical forces from the other side of the Atlantic, brit-pop and shoegaze, but with more energy than either. "Hey Now Now" is catchier than syphilis at a Thai whore house, but a lot more fun. click here to see what I'm talking about

Cat Power "The Greatest" - I can't really say enough good stuff about this record. I can't wait to make out to it. Amazing blue eyed soul to make you fall in love with Chan Marshall, as if you haven't already. More to follow once my review gets published in the A2 Paper.

I saw Low tonight and was pretty underwhelmed. I love sitting at home listening to them in a dark room but I don't think it really translates so much to the stage. At least not in a club with a bar where people are being loud and drinking. Also, Alan Sparhawk said that opening band His Name Is Alive were a bunch of dicks and I don't think he said it in a friendly, joking manner. Maybe he was mad about having a tough act to follow. Does anybody read this?

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